Sheepy had everything to be an online sales success: beautiful, personality-filled, and high-quality products. However, the brand had been facing difficulties in adjusting its online paid media strategy. our challenge, therefore, was to increase the average monthly revenue without changing the investment.


after a detailed analysis, we saw that the opportunity was to create better ad models for different cohorts of brand buyers. for this, we made adjustments in the acquisition funnel, audiences, media budget distribution, and started systematically testing creatives, ensuring the best performance for each campaign and a match between the cohort and the right creative.



for example, we noticed that women over 35 bought more baby and/or children’s clothing, while the range between 25 and 35 was focused on decorating their first home.



here we systematically test creatives to find those that convert the best. for example: layout with or without the product?


in just 4 months, we grew:


in average monthly revenue


in conversion rate


in transactions

case sheepy imagem 5

in the fourth month, we managed to increase the media budget by 25%, which led to an increase of


in the average monthly revenue